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The Chester County Football team now has a female football player, Sarai Minor.

Minor, a ninth grade student at Chester County High School found the love of football during third grade. She mentioned how she tried other sports, but nothing interested her like football.

“It’s just the adrenaline that comes through your body that makes you want to continue to play,” she said.

Minor plays defense for the Eagles and she absolutely loves it.

“I didn’t really like offense. I like to tackle people. I like to get aggressive,” she said.

When it came to extracurriculars for high school, Minor only had football on her mind.

“I didn’t want to do anything else,’ she said. “ I wanted to focus on football.”

“At first I was scared for her because those guys are big, but she already conquered what they said she couldn’t do,” her mom Chelena Foster said.

Being the only girl on the football team was rough at first, but she feels like it was worth it at the end.

“At the beginning, it’s going to be rough until you prove yourself,” she said.

Minor hopes that she earns a college football scholarship by the time her high school career is over.

“I’m very excited,” Foster said in reference to Minor’s future in football.