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“It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.” – Saint Francis

Our community expresses sympathy to families - Glenda Evelyn Smith Houston (5-3-54 to 7-19-19) Class of 1972 who lived at Jacks Creek and Henderson. She was one of 12 children (Lake  Hill Memory in Bethel Spring) James “Jim” Allen Beene (6-22-36 to 7-17-19) attended Chester County Schools and served in US ARMY; Robert “Bobby” Barry Belcher (1-20-52 to 7-16-19) whose parents are Ollie Belcher and Mary Joe Cochran Belcher (formerly from Jacks Creek) – Gallatin City Cemetery with Family Heritage Funeral Home in charge; and Larry Van Rhodes (4-24-47 to 7-16-19)  was buried beside his beloved Joan Ruth Rhodes who died 2017. Their sweet children are Michael and Angie. Officers, Jason Rhodes, Brandon Connor and Tim Crowe will support Michael in the loss of a parent – since they understand. The burial is at Henderson City.

Larry was a funny and helpful friend. One day in winter I pulled off the road with food and water, and for two weeks I repeatedly tried to capture a stray dog. Discouraged and thinking the light snows had taken a toll on the dog in the swamp I went to Daddy. Daddy said to me, “I think you will catch him, if you try ONE more time.” Out the door with a confident smile I left.

Later that day a car pulled up to see if I needed help. After explaining the situation, Larry Rhodes wanted to help. We sat down on pine needles and waited for the dog’s growling stomach to come to us. Doggie gave in to the smell of fresh cooked chicken and rice. Larry insisted and picked him up and carried him to his car after doggie ate the small meal. Larry carried him to my dog high elevated dog house. It had a half-barrel for a step. A blanket over straw with a pillow suited doggie. Larry said he knew this dog would have a good home with a smile.

We saved that dog’s life. That night a huge snow arrived. The dog was so weak he could not even get out of the house. Don got a concrete block for him to step out on from the barrel to the ground, but doggie would not come out. He loved the house and house-trained himself all night.

Throughout the snowy night I carried the cordless phone, flashlight and fed doggie small meals of chicken and scrambled eggs. His favorite was warm milk. Don carried him to a cleared area the next morning. He did his nature call and walked back to his house, but was still too weak to climb on the block to the barrel to his house. Don lifted him and doggie waited for “meals on wheels.” I knew this dog would never bite the hand that fed him.

Larry stopped by a few days later to check on him. He liked the dog’s new home. He said “SirVivor” fit him. Many times Larry asked about SirVivor. He had a good life after a trip to the vet. We loved and taught him tricks – sit, stay, stand, salute with the left, and salute with the right. Would you believe he soon had two brothers, “Stopper” and “Shorty?” Dusty did not come along until 2001. Ask me about SirVivor, Stopper and Shorty. 

www.dogfoodadvisor.com sends out computer warnings, if you sign up for their emails.  Warning – pig ear, a dog treat contain “salmonella.”

Prayer requested for Sheila Cox, Betty Buress; Geralene Thompson; James and Vickie Ellis; Larry Cochran (Doris) may get to go home this week to Alabama; and a special pet, Mollie Waller is feeling better.

Tenderly we remember Gail Ross (7-18-16); Juanita Canada (7-18-16); Pam Wood (7-19-18); Tommy Kilzer (7-20-16); Deborah Smith (7-24-16); and heaven birthdays – Jimmie McAdams (7-23-32); Travis Jones (7-26-15) – Don’s dad; and Robbie Jones (7-30-16) – Don’s mother. Not forgotten a slong name is written or spoken, right? Braden Hooper (7-26-05) is 14. His grandparents are my blueberry pals, Ray and Shirley Edgar Hooper.

Happy Anniversary to Betty and Jerry Newman (7-22-66); we are celebrating our anniversaries together. Who picks up the tab? Our anniversary was made special with cards and a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Four layers! Forget the pounds – we dug in, but I hid the last two slices for the “bride.” Thanks Dennis and Nancy Stovall again. Also, it made us feel special that Robert and Juanita shared a July 17 wedding day, too. Mr. Robert left us January 2017. He is missed. My parents married July 24, 1948. They are missed. 

Correction: Inez Cash was “98” not “97” on July 17. She had a splendid party at Enville. She is a frisky little gal. She lives independently, starts the mower and mows her grass, helps Methodist Church with donations, and goes to the Senior Center and senior trips. Mary Evelyn Randolph Curtis said, “I want to be her when I grow up.”

The Back-to-School insert this week concerns school. Appreciate the advertisers. Look for “Principal With Principle.” It is about LaTasha Wright Philips with pictures.

Bees work tirelessly to provide us with foods, but they are struggling. Do not kill them! There was a 40 percent decline of honeybee population during 2018-19 winter. It was seven percent greater in 2017-18 winter and nine percent greater in 2016-17 winter. They play a huge role in food production. This is serious for our food supply. Help by stop using pesticides – since 2016 eight native bees are endangered.

Here are some of bees’ favorite foods - dandelions and clover (stop mowing your grass so perfectly – we leave an area behind our house for munching). They enjoy thrift, sedums, sweet williams or dianthus, cosmo, aster, sunflower, marigold, corn flower, lavender, clematis, crocus, poppies, snap dragon and herbs such as mint, rosemary and thyme. They need and love fresh water. To prevent drownings – use shallow pans with rocks for bees’ foot-hold.

Tidbits: Neil Armstrong walked on the moon July 20, 1969! His first meal – coffee, grapefruit and pineapple juice, bacon, peaches and sugar cookies; Mercury and Venus have no moons; Earth to moon is 238,855 miles; many lives were lost to enable successful space programs.

Mars is next – at least 140 million miles away from Earth

“We’ll say bye for now; and we love you.” – Harry Brown