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“Your presence we miss. Your memories treasured. Loving you always – forgetting you never.”

Sympathy is expressed from our community to eight families — David Ross Waller (11-18-53 to 6-1-19), son of Joe and Christine Ross Waller – Ridgecrest; Johnny Guinto Jones, Jr. (10-20-62 to 6-3-19), helped operate Jimmy Well Grocery – no service; Judge Lloyd Tatum, Jr. (8-7-25 to 6-5-19), served in USAF and beloved son of a high school classmate, Aaron – Henderson City; Frances Marie Camberos Adkins (3-2-44 to 6-5-19) – Cave Springs; Barry Scott Crowley (8-17-60 to 6-5-19) – Hollywood; Daniel Dallas Ray Maness (6-14-67 to 6-6-19) – Maggie Jones; Donald Ray Parsons (6-14-55 to 6-5-19), served in USAF – Memory Gardens; and Emma Jean Dodds Sanford (7-28-31 to 6-3-19), raised in Huron and daughter of William Edgar and Mary Esterlee Attaway Dodds and sister of Betty Dodds Betterman. Survived by five children, Sandy Milne, Patricia Hampton, Wanda Rose, and Ronnie and Robert Sanford - Unity.

Prayers requested for Nathan Wright (Rhett Wright and three children have returned home from Texas to help), Ralph Mays, Sheila Cox and Sherrill Ryals are improving; Judy Davis; Martha Bell Climer; Liz Mooney; Judy J. Hample; and Eunise Rouse Massengill. Lavern Bailey and Melbern Jones are taking PT at healthcare. Tenderly, we remember Jimmy Neal Essary (6-11-16); Louise Phillips Cash (6-8-11); and Jack Malone (6-8-16).

Happy birthday to Amy Tignor King on June 15.

A cousin sent me a Youtube video that shows cruelty to baby calves. Google Fair Oaks Farms. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the ways its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandi

Five tidbits: (1) Sparrows and finches line nest with cigarette butts to ward off parasitic mites; (2) bees have been gathering some plastic for their hive - they may be eating some of this plastic and will die; (3) 610 grey whales have died from starvation this year (only 27,000 left); (4) dead sperm whales had stomachs dissected – found 100 plastic bags, 13- yard-long fishing net, and a 27-inch plastic car piece; (5) albatross, ocean birds with wing spans of ten feet, are feeding their young chicks what man leaves – beer can loops, bottle tops to cigarette lighters – results are tragic - chicks starve and population decreases. Humans are contaminating Earth’s oceans, land and air. God made a perfect world, but look what man has done!

Tidbits from front page newspaper headlines capitalized on June 6, 1944 - The Evening News – ALLIES INVADE FRANCE; The New York Post – INVASION SMASHING AHEAD; The Washington Post – ALLIES LAND IN FRANCE, WIPE OUT BIG AIR BASES; and Daily Express – TANKS 10 MILES IN.

Don and I stayed glued to television programs during the anniversary of D-Day. We were in awe of those 160 veterans from World War II who were present at Normandy for the special program. A few were interviewed. I tried to take notes but later Googled to hear veterans talk. I cried hearing what they endured and the blessings they bestowed upon this nation. I caught the name of Alvin H. Perry from Kentucky who could not attend the Normandy event, but he was presented the French Legion of Honor on June 7, 2019. He lives in a healthcare. Also, I wrote Jack Clayburn from Tennessee. Sheila Ryals thinks he is from Dyersburg. I intend to locate these men.

James Webb did a story on Melbern Jones a few years ago. He came in behind those soldiers that hit Normandy Beach. He said it is something you can not forget – you do not want to remember. Veteran stories are a part of the history that shaped this world. During WWII, our soldiers wanted continued FREEDOMS in America. They went in to win, so we would not speak German, be controlled and some of us eliminated. Perhaps Nancy Canada will order the book, The Man in the High Castle – what would the world have been like if we had not won WWII?

With respect to D-day (June 6, 1944) and all soldiers from our country and our Allies, I would like to leave a goosebump making quote from the poem, “The Young Dead Soldiers Do Not Speak” —-“We leave you our deaths. Give them their meaning.”

Since those from the Greatest Generation are now in their 90’s, they still live to see soldiers from other wars striving to “NOT LET ANY SOLDIER’S DEATH BE IN VAIN.” Names etched in marble, stories or memories shared or a name spoken or written help. Harry Brown told me upon leaving for war his mother asked him to pray every day, as she would be praying the same day!

“We’ll say bye for now; and we love you.”

—Harry Brown