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What a fantastic week we had here at Jacks Creek Elementary! Read on to hear about all of the amazing things we did this week!

Kindergarten is rocking! We started our CKLA units and are doing a wonderful job. We learned all about vertical and horizontal lines. In math we talked about circles and ovals and worked on numbers zero and one. The kids loved comparing things that are alike and different. Please check folders daily and send snacks on your child’s snack day.

Mrs. Vicki’s first graders continued to learn the rules and procedures. They enjoyed reviewing kindergarten skills and are set and ready to sail into first grade skills. Last week, we worked on number bonds in math and began our new reading program, CKLA. The kiddos enjoyed listening to their teachers read from Aesop’s fables. They had fun discussing what the moral was to each story.

It was a busy and fun week in Ms. Kady’s first grade class. We started our new reading curriculum by reviewing all of our letters and sounds as well as by reading and spelling words. We also learned about short “a” words in spelling. For writing, we wrote a short story about our summer break. In math we finished writing our numbers to 120 and began learning about number bonds. It was another great week for all of us as we continued learning and getting to know each other.

In second grade we took our first i-Ready assessments in math and reading. We are excited to show everyone what we know. In social studies we learned about different landforms and maps. We still worked on sentence writing and the eight parts of speech in writing. We are settling into our daily routines!

In third grade we read about Classic Tales. One Classic Tale that we are reading is Wind in the Willows. This story is great to show friendship and how different characters interact in a fictional world. We started our multiplication! I know our students are excited to learn these important facts. This is a MAJOR standard for our third graders. Parents, please practice at home! 

Our Farmer of the Week goes to Kaylee Gutierrez whose favorite books are books about bears and whose favorite food is macaroni and cheese. We are proud to have this student shine brightly at our school! Our Staff Farmer of the Week goes to super-de-duper Carrie Cherry! Her favorite book is the Bible, and her favorite foods are Mexican food and steak. We appreciate all that she does for our school as one of our Kindergarten teachers.

Box Tops for Education: Please collect Box Tops! Each Box Top equals 10 cents for our school. This is an EASY way for us to earn money for JCES! Our goal is to raise $700. Everyone can help us reach this goal!

We are using the Remind Me app to give you important updates by text. If you have a smart phone, go to the following link to sign up! Rmd.at/jackscreek. If you do not have a smart phone, text @jackscreek to 81010. You will find this will be a very helpful resource!

Lunch Money: When sending money to school for lunch or a la carte items, place it in an envelope or plastic sandwich bag labeled with student’s first and last name and “lunch money” and place in your child’s folder.

PSO MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: Please encourage family, friends, and neighbors to become a member of the JCES Parent Support Organization. This is an easy way for people in our community to invest in our students, the future leaders and productive citizens of Chester County.

More information will be sent home at a later date. Our goal is to raise $1,800!