ls-Happy Father's Day.jpg

So humble and kind, a strong and wise man,

You said “always be the best that you can.”

You guided and taught us our true self-worth.

And you taught us to love and respect God’s green Earth.

Mom was your dearest and you were her world.

A rock and pillar as the family unfurled.

In your last moments your sweet eyes were closed.

We wept and we prayed and didn’t want you to go.

But we knew you needed to hear “Daddy, it’s alright.”

For we knew God would take you home that night.

It’s been a long time, but yet fall our tears

because it’s still sad, not having you near.

Father’s Day’s still special; you’re always in our hearts, so

we’ll send kisses to you in Heaven as though not apart.

We’ll see you again, Daddy, when the time has come

To be there with you; watching over those not yet done.

We miss you so much, Daddy, our hero and friend.

Rick, Susan, Kelly, Rusty, Jeff