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Dr. Jerry Thornthwaite with his wife Bonita explaining his cure and research to Channel 4 Nashville news presenter Demetria Kalodimos and Congressman Mark Green.

Henderson’s own Dr. Jerry T. Thornthwaite developed a cure for malaria.

For 14 years starting in 2004, Dr. Thornthwaite and his wife Bonita volunteered in medical missions in Haiti for about eight days every spring. In that time, they experienced the agony of children having malaria, which led him to develop a formulation to cure malaria. He used research based on his studies of the effects of Artemisinin with antioxidants in killing cancer cells, and he knew these treatments had been used in malaria treatments as well.

He tried a low dose chemotherapy treatment that the patients would take for about 16 days.

In 2007, missionary Roberta Edwards reported that the treatment was saving lives.

His drug led to Congressman and former surgeon Mark Green, Rep. Kirk Haston, Sen. Dolores Gresham and others visiting him.

His natural cure is near approval in Nigeria and Haiti with a 90 percent cure rate and has no side effects. Thornthwaite, with all clinicals being finished, expects it to be approved by the end of the year.

Thornthwaite finds this exciting, because Nigeria is number one in malaria cases.

He also looks forward to using his cure in Afghanistan to prevent soldiers from contracting the disease since Afghanistan is number four in the world with malaria cases.